Piece Handicap System

Piece Handicap Calculator App

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Enter the ratings of the two players to get the piece handicap.

The system explained

The piece handicap system is designed to give both players an equal chance of winning despite the rating difference.

The lower rated player gets piece odds e.g. the higher rated player starts without a bishop or a knight or a rook or a queen or a rook and queen etc. as in the table below. Games involving juniors should end by 8:30 so adults paired against juniors should arrive early. First subtract the ratings of both players then the stronger player loses certain pieces according to the differences in the chart below. Better still use the app above to calculate the handicap.

Please Submit results as usual but label it a Handicap Game and list the pieces removed on the results sheet. After your handicap game try to play a normal friendly game with someone if you have time.

Rating 	Piece Handicap          Which
Diff.	Higher Player removes   pieces?

>20     Pawn                    KBP on f2/f7
>60     Knight                  QKt on b1/b8
>80     Knight & Pawn           QKt on b1/b8, KBP on f2/f7
>120	Knight & Bishop         QKt on b1/b8, QB on c1/c8
>160	Rook & Bishop           QR on a1/a8, QB on c1/c8
>180	Queen                   Q
>260	Queen & Knight          Q, QKt on b1/b8
>330	Queen & Rook            Q, QR on a1/a8
>370	Queen, Knight & Bishop  Q, QKt on b1/b8, KB on f1/f8
>500	Queen, Rook & Bishop    Q, QR on a1/a8, KB on f1/f8
>1500	Queen & two Rooks       Q, QR, KR

For example if Alice has a rating of 1362 and Bob`s rating is 980, the difference is 1362 - 980 = 382. From the chart Alice must play without her Queen (Q), Queen's Knight (on the queenside - QKt) and her King's Bishop (on the kingside - KB). Good luck Alice!