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Committee 2023/24, Captains and other Roles

Role Officers
Chairperson John Loughran Contact

Other roles for John Loughran: Secretary, Membership officer, Club captain, Captain, PR officer, Tournament controller, Ratings officer, Disciplinary group, 1st team panel cups, Coaching officer, Web developer, Web moderator, Web publisher

Treasurer David Jackson Contact
Eva Andersson Contact

Other roles for David Jackson: Vetting assistant

Other roles for Eva Andersson: Vetting assistant, Captain, Disciplinary group

Vetting officer Frank Sullivan Contact
John Monaghan Contact

Other roles for Frank Sullivan: Captain

Vetting assistant David Jackson
Eva Andersson
Captain Adam Scanlon Leagues
Eva Andersson Leagues
Frank Sullivan Leagues
Helena Flynn Leagues
John Loughran Leagues
Owen Johnston Leagues
Samuel Basker Leagues
Sandra Aoki Leagues
Tomasz Florczak Leagues

Other roles for Adam Scanlon: 3rd team panel cups

Other roles for Owen Johnston: 1st team panel cups

Other roles for Tomasz Florczak: 2nd team panel cups

Vice-captain Mark Allidine Contact
Rajiv Gicale Contact
Rory Clarke Contact
Shane Adams Contact
Sridhar Raparthi Contact

Other roles for Mark Allidine: PR Facebook, 1st team panel cups, 2nd team panel cups

Other roles for Rajiv Gicale: Supervision officer, 3rd team panel cups

Other roles for Rory Clarke: 1st team panel cups, 3rd team panel cups

Other roles for Shane Adams: 1st team panel cups, 3rd team panel cups

Supervision officer Keith O’Brien
Rajiv Gicale

Other roles for Keith O’Brien: PR WhatsApp, Disciplinary group, ICU team panel

Tournament controller John Loughran
Rui Caneira
Disciplinary group Eva Andersson
John Loughran
Keith O’Brien
1st team panel cups Alexiei Bottino
John Costello
John Loughran
Lorcán McDonnell Ryan
Mark Allidine
Owen Johnston
Paul Ryan
Rory Clarke
Shane Adams
Yuri Gaspar

Other roles for Paul Ryan: 2nd team panel cups

Other roles for Yuri Gaspar: 2nd team panel cups

2nd team panel cups Aarathya Muthu Thirupathi
Adam Florczak
Adhisya Muthu Thirupathi
Charlie Leonard
Damian Kosowski
Mark Allidine
Paul Ryan
Rui Caneira
Tomasz Florczak
Yuri Gaspar

Other roles for Damian Kosowski: ICU team panel

Other roles for Rui Caneira: Tournament controller

3rd team panel cups Adam Gicale
Adam Scanlon
Ethan Gicale
Lennox McMahon-Holland
Neel Raparthi
Peadar Sherlock
Rajiv Gicale
Rory Clarke
Shane Adams
Tom Jackson

Other roles for Adam Gicale: ICU team panel

Other roles for Ethan Gicale: ICU team panel

Other roles for Lennox McMahon-Holland: ICU team panel

Other roles for Peadar Sherlock: ICU team panel

Other roles for Tom Jackson: ICU team panel

ICU team panel Adam Gicale
Alan Florczak
Ben Cauldwell
Charlie Davis
Daire O’Neill
Damian Kosowski
Daniel Quinn
Diana Hermanova
Ethan Gicale
Jack O’Brien
Jakub Jedrzejewski
Joshua Monaghan
Keith O’Brien
Kyle Aoki
Lennox McMahon-Holland
Mati Daly
Oisín Davin-Power
Paddy Urbanski
Peadar Sherlock
Shalom Sanni
Shelton Nare
Shilloh Sanni
Szymon Pożarowski
Tom Jackson
Tom Tyndall
Willow Monaghan
Yaroslav Shelgachov
Committee David Jackson
Eva Andersson
Frank Sullivan
John Loughran
Keith O’Brien
Mark Allidine
Owen Johnston
Rui Caneira
Samuel Basker
Sridhar Raparthi

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