How to Sign Up and Apply to Join

These instructions are best viewed on a second screen while you Sign Up on your first device, or you could print them out.

How to Sign Up

On small screens (mobile, tablet...) choose the icon with three lines in the top bar to see the menu.

Only Sign Up if you do not have an account, otherwise Log in.

If you are a parent you also need to Sign Up for your child, the player who wants to become a member or to try out the club. For each child you will need a separate email address. You may use the same password if you wish. Then continue as below.

How to Apply to Join (or Try Out the Club)

Every player must complete this before sitting down to play, on their first visit, even on a trial basis.

Next you may be asked to log in again to fill in the Contact details. If you are asked to log in again then log in as an adult: a parent or adult player.

You should see 'Application Received' if all goes well. Then do one more thing below.

How to Enter a Tournament or a Team or the Supervision Rota or a second Contact

Next you need to do one of the following, instructions given:
How to Enter a Tournament to play games in the club.
How to Enter a Team Event to play for a team, e.g. in the Community Games or the Leagues.
How to Join the Supervision Rota for parents, if you are joining the club.
How to Add a Contact for a second parent etc.

What else to do

See the Join > Membership page for how to pay and get Garda vetted, if you have decided to join.